Fitness with your Fur-Baby

This is where it begins. Our regularly scheduled class that is for everyone. This is the class you come to for fun and fitness for both you and your pooch.  Whether you are a fitness freak or you can’t remember how many years it’s been since you actually “worked out”, this is where you learn how to work out with your dog.  You may be fit and your dog may be in great shape, however, it is highly unlikely that you and your dog have done a workout together unless it was walking, running, swimming or playing catch. Everyone at Woofinwaggle starts out at the same place whether you are young or old, fit or not so much, intimidated by gyms or are a gym rat. Dog fitness is of the upmost importance when it comes to a healthy pup! This is a class you can put into your weekly schedule, all year.  Your pup will give you “high paws” for it!

Join us for a “Fitness with your Fur-Baby” class.  Become part of our every growing family, make friends with other dog-loving people all while doing something really great for yourself and your “fur-baby”.

Fitness Level: Nothing intimidating here, everyone at all fitness levels including novice is welcome.  Every dog, large or small can participate, get a great workout, have tons of fun… AND, go home tired!  This is a great place for those looking to get back into shape, lose weight, or help their pooch drop a few pounds!  This is a class you can put into your weekly schedule.  Your pup will give you “high paws” for it!

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  • We reserve the right to change our prices at any time without further notice.
  • Registration is required for all group classes. Please secure your dog at a dog tie-off and check in for your class prior to the beginning of class. If you arrive after the class begins, please allow a dog wrangler or other member of the Woofinwaggle team to assist with your smooth and safe entrance onto the gym floor.
  • We require a cancellation of your reservation at least two hours prior to the start of the class if are unable to attend. This allows fellow members to reserve your vacated spot or for Woofinwaggle to post a “walk-in” spot. There will be a $5 no-show fee charged to your account for anyone who reserves a class, does not attend and does not cancel at least one hour prior to the start of the class.
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